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The 8 signs you may need to have a Substance Abuse assessment

Addiction occurs when the brain or body of an individual becomes completely dependent on a substance. Drug and alcohol addictions can be successfully treated renew wellness recovery. However, the long-term effects can lead to family breakdown, financial ruin, or even death. The first step professional treatment centers will take to help an addict recover is usually a substance-abuse assessment. Below are 8 indicators that you or someone else you know may require substance abuse assessments.

1.Isolation. People addicted to drugs and/or alcohol will often isolate themselves as their dependency grows. Their need to feel high coupled with their shame from substance abuse can lead them into this situation.

2.Lack of interest. Drug and Alcohol addicts often place their substance abuse above all else. They may start to lose interests in the hobbies and activities they enjoyed in the past.

3.Most often, people who misuse drugs and/or alcohol are faced with severe financial problems. They spend their entire income on drugs.

4.Work problems: People abusing alcohol and drugs often start to neglect their work duties, or they may even miss out on them altogether. This often leads to addiction and depression, as well as the loss of employment.

5.Drug and Alcohol Abusers can cause serious family problems by lying to their loved ones, stealing, or cheating them in order for the drug addict to gain access. This can cause major family conflicts that are often unrepairable.

6Bad Health. Abusing alcohol or drugs will have an adverse impact on your health. It can even lead to death.

7.Frequent mood swings. As the addiction develops, addicted people will frequently experience mood changes due to lack of drug or alcohol. The addict will look happy when under the effects of drugs, but can experience deep depressions and anxiety if they do not get high.

8.Addiction to alcohol and drugs can cause many users of these substances to run into trouble with the laws. Even murder, theft, DUIs, and assault can be the result of drug and alcohol use.

This is a list of signs that can be used to determine whether you or someone else you know has abused drugs or alcohol. They will need a substance use assessment before they begin professional treatment.