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You can reduce the danger of Ligature in your Facility by following this guide

Patients who come into behavioral healthcare are often in a fragile state and could have the idea of hurting theirself, or even others The ligature can be a danger in most cases.

It is possible to attach material, such as cords, bedspreads, and ropes to the point at which they are looped, tied, or otherwise attached. These materials can then be strangled or used for hanging.

When one-on -one surveillance is possible in certain situations, it can help reduce the risk of ligatures. But what about when this isn’t feasible, as is often the case in bedrooms or other places?

Create Resident Resistant Rooms to Avoid Ligature

Since resident rooms have less oversight than other areas in behavioral healthcare centers, it’s important that they are ligature-resistant. This can be achieved by furnishing each resident’s room with anti-ligature finishing and furniture.

In a nutshell, anti-ligature furnishings, also known as ligature resistance furniture, are those that do not have any places where ropes or cords could be used as ligatures.

There are many types of anti-ligature furnishings that you could install in the rooms for residents. These include anti-ligature chairs, anti-ligature desks, anti-ligature nightstands, anti-ligature storage shelves, anti-ligature storage shelves.

The following items should be avoided or replaced with alternatives that are resistant to ligature: coat hooks, radiators, pipe fixtures, ceiling fixtures, door handles, hinges.

Conducting Environmental Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is essential outside resident rooms to help reduce ligature hazards. Along with assessing anchors and how they can be misused to cause harm, any other objects or tools that might be weaponized and misused need to be assessed.

It is essential to carefully assess every possible area in which a patient might be located in an establishment in order for you to develop a plan that addresses and minimizes ligature risk.

If you are looking for areas where to be extra vigilant, pay attention to ceiling types, electrical outlets (including the glass type used), doors, hardware and nails.

Also, a thorough inspection of all the furniture should be performed in each resident’s room and any common area to guarantee resident safety.

Ligature Prevention Furnishings

The installation of anti-ligature chairs is a critical way to decrease the danger of ligatures.

Anti-ligature pieces of furniture have several unique design features which enhance facility safety. Most anti-ligature items are free of moving parts. Their surfaces also feature a durable and impenetrable finish to prevent contraband from being concealed.

It is important to provide anti-ligature sofas and chairs for the residents. This will not only increase their safety but also give peace of heart to staff.

Installation of anti-ligature products in mental healthcare facilities can help to create a safer environment for both staff and patients. The environment should be regularly assessed to ensure that the entire facility is equipped to decrease ligature risks.

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